CYCH chronology

July 1957

The Lutheran Board of Missions of the Lutheran Free Churchdispatch U.S. missionaries Dr. Marcy and Mrs. Joyce Ditmanson to come to Taiwan to coordinate medical mission work.

June 1958

Dr. Marcy and Mrs. Joyce Ditmanson move from Hualien to Chiayi.

August 1958

Dr. Marcy Ditmanson starts clinics at his home and around the rural areas of Chiayi and Alishan.

March 1961

Chiayi Lutheran Clinic is set up.

April 1962

The thirty-bed Chiayi Christian Hospital is completed.

September 1967

The Alfson Polio Center opens; the Hospital now has a total of 100 beds.

January 1975

The Surgical Building opens, increasing the Hospital¡¦s number of beds to a total of 135.

October 1985

The General Building opens; providing the Hospital with a total of 218 beds.

May 1991

CYCH is accredited as the first regional teaching hospital in the Yunlin-Chiayi area.

October 1991

Construction of the Ditmanson Memorial Building begins.

January 1996

The Department of Missions is set up to promote domestic and foreign medical missionary initiatives.

February 1996

Dr. Marcy Ditmanson receives the ROC Medical Care and Devotion Award for 1996.


Former CYCH superintendent Dr. Weng Red-Helm is awarded a Distinguished Medical Care Medal from the Department of Health.


CYCH establishes a Cancer Center and associated outpatient services.

May 1999

Building A for inpatientservices is completed, increasing capacity to 800 beds in total.

August 1999

CYCH performs the first successful kidney transplant in the Yunlin-Chiayi area.

October 1999

CYCH performs the first successful bone marrow transplant in the Yunlin-Chiayi area, followed by a second operation in December 1999.

December 1999

The national government selects CYCH to develop a home care service for Chiayi City and County for the elderly living alone.

March 2000

Chiayi City and County Government selects CYCH to develop an early treatment service center for children with development difficulties.

May 2000

CYCH is accredited as a Level 2 regional teaching hospital, and becomes the largest teaching hospital in the Yunlin-Chiayi area.

June 2000

The Hospital¡¦s founder, Dr. Marcy Ditmanson, passes away at the age of 81.


CYCH receives a subsidy from the Department of Health for the development of a Southern Taiwan Cancer Center, a Southern Taiwan Adolescent Health Center, and a Southern Taiwan Vision Health Care Center.

October 2001

Building D is finished; CYCH now has nearly 1,000 beds and 2,000 members of staff.

December 2002

CYCH performs the first live donor kidney transplant in the Yunlin-Chiayi area.


CYCH responds to the Department of Health request to engage in cooperative relationships with practitioners in the community in order to provide patients with medical treatment and further referral services.

Mar.-Jun. 2003

All CYCH staff actively combat the SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) epidemic, and are honored by the Department of Health.

May 2003

CYCH is accredited as a Level 2 regional teaching hospital and remains the largest teaching hospital in the Yunlin-Chiayi area.

December 2003

The Chiayi City Government selects CYCH to establish a Physical and Mental Disability Center ¡V the Renewal Garden.

January 2004

The Center for Disease Control selects CYCH as a support hospital for epidemic disease control in the Chiayi area.

March 2004

Medical education groups are formally established and regular courses are held covering communication skills, medical ethics and patient safety.

March 2004

CYCH is the only hospital honored as an Outstanding Organization Contributing to Female Human Resources by the Council of Labor Affairs.

December 2004

CYCH receives an Outstanding Workplace for the Prevention of Smoking award from the Bureau of Health Promotion, Department of Health.

January 2005

Following the Asian tsunami, a CYCH medical mission team delivers medical rescue services to the disaster area.

August 2005

CYCH¡¦s Medical Laboratory receives Chinese National Laboratory Accreditation Agency accreditation.

October 2005

The Alishan Safe Community project receives WHO accreditation.

October 2005

CYCH is sistered with the Sorsogon Provincial Hospital, the Philippines.

October 2005

CYCH is awarded a ¡§Mother and Baby Friendly Hospital¡¨ certificate from the Department of Health and the Taiwan of Ob/Gyn Association.

December 2005

CYCH Cancer Center receives a Level A subsidy from the Bureau of Health Promotion, Department of Health.

December 2005

Taiwan ICDF recognizes CYCH¡¦s participation in international cooperation in health programs and international medical equipment support and service programs.

March 2006

Former CYCH superintendent Dr. Weng Red-Helm receives the ROC Medical Care and Devotion Award for 2006 and is also awarded a second Distinguished Medical Care Medal.

October 2006

CYCH receives the Sixth National Civic Service Award.

November 2006

The CYCH website is recognized as a 2006 Quality Website for Health Information by the Department of Health.

November 2006

CYCH is recognized as an Outstanding Non-Smoking Work Environment by the Department of Health.

November 2006

In a survey of hospitals nationwide, CYCH is rated Excellent for its elimination of medical waste.

December 2006

CYCH receives Level A accreditation for Level 2 regional teaching hospitals.

December 2006

CYCH is honored by the Department of Health for its efforts towards international medical relief.

March 2007

CYCH is approved as a Gender Equality Promotion Employer by the Council of Labor Affairs.

April 2007

Dr. Chen Bo-Shen receives the ROC Medical Care and Devotion Award for 2007.

July 2007

The Breast Surgery Clinic is set up to provide female patients with increased privacy.

October 2007

CYCH sets up a Patient Safety and Quality Control Office to coordinate patient safety and quality control issues in the Hospital.

October 2007

CYCH is sistered with the Rizal Medical Center (RMC), the Philippines, making RMC CYCH¡¦s second sister hospital.

October 2007

The quality of medical service in CYCH is evaluated as ¡§Excellent¡¨ by the National Health Insurance Bureau, Southern Branch.

November 2007

CYCH comes first among hospitals nationwide place for its initiative to recycle and reuse industry waste.

December 2007

CYCH opens the Evergreen Garden, which was built by the Chiayi City Government.

December 2007

CYCH is awarded the 16th ROC Industrial Environment Protection Award.

December 2007

CYCH¡¦s efforts to establish a bilingual care environment are recognized as Excellent by the Taiwan College of Healthcare Executives.

December 2007

CYCH holds the groundbreaking ceremony for its new East Campus. The new outpatient clinic and training center is expected to be completed in 2010.


For increased patient safety, all patients in ICUs are assigned to physicians specializing in critical medicine.

January 2008

Three of CYCH¡¦s Community Medical Service Groups are recognized for the high quality of their medical service.

May 2008

CYCH dispatches a medical team to Sichuan to provide medical and spiritual care following the disastrous Sichuan earthquake.

July 2008

The WHO recognizes CYCH as a Health Promotion Hospital.

August 2008

A CYCH volunteer team is the only medical team to receive a Kind Heart award from the Department of Health.

September 2008

CYCH is selected by the Department of Health to demonstrate the advantages of high-temperature high-pressure sterilization.

September 2008

CYCH¡¦s Diabetes Mellitus Center receives an award from the National Insurance Company for quality of care.

September 2008

CYCH wins first place in a Southern Medical Network competition promoting hand hygiene.

October 2008

CYCH is honored as a Team of Excellence for its infectious disease prevention initiatives and for its research in the field of tuberculosis.

October 2008

CYCH receives A-grade accreditation for the quality of its cancer care.

November 2008

CYCH is honored with a 2008 Industrial Environment Protection Award.

1 December 2008

A ceremony is held to mark the completion of construction on the framework of the Bau-Jen Building.

December 2008

CYCH¡¦s Office of Engineering and Maintenance receives a Silver Medal for Medical Quality for their efforts to enhance system quality.

December 2008

CYCH¡¦s Urology and Community Health teams are awarded 2008 National Quality Symbol Certificates.

December 2008

CYCH is graded Excellent for forbidding the consumption of betel nuts on Hospital premises.

December 2008

CYCH is recognized for the excellence of its aboriginal health promotion projects.

20 January 2009

A ceremony is held to mark the completion of the construction of the framework of the new outpatient center.

March 2009

Chinese Medicine Department was awarded superiority the only one in Chiayi and Yunlin area by the Department of Health.

  Morakot Typhoon struck Taiwan heavily in mountain areas, CYCH

May 2009

CYCH is awarded a Four-Star English Service Emblem by the Research, Development and Evaluation Commission.

July 2009

CYCH inaugurates the use of Electronic Medical Records (EMR).

December 2009 Outpatient prescriptions installed electronic medical record.
  Nursing Department was awarded bronze from National Biotechnology and Medical Care Quality Award. Department of community health, diabetes center, hospice care and nursing were awarded 2009 Symbol of National Quality.
  Awarded trash disposal reduction result presentation hospital by the Ministry of health.
  CYCH is graded Excellent for forbidding the consumption of betel nuts in between 220 hospitals.
  Chinese Medicine transferred to the new hospital area and began the outpatient service in Baojian Building.
  Branch service Home Nursing Center of CYCH was grated Excellent in the evaluation of home nursing institute.
  CYCH blood bank was approved by the¡u Taiwan Accreditation Foundation   (TAF)¡vISO 15189 Medical Laboratory, became the first hospital in Chiayi and Yunlin area that passed all the authentication categories.
  Awarded health promotion community authentication and approval of integrated design from Department of Health
  Awarded best originality in 1998 Taiwan tribal health construction competition by Department of health.
  Bureau of Health in Chiayi City awarded year 1998 the contribution of women cancer prevention, community screen integration, chronic kidney disease activities .
February 2010 Moving the outpatient service from first outpatient building to new outpatient building.
  CYCH’s electronic medical record performed excellence installation and was awarded Golden List by the Department of Health.
March 2010 A series of activities were held to celebrate the inauguration of CYCH new building.
  Established the scholarship for the student of Mt. Ali’ s aborigine, encouraging them to advance their studies.
  CHCY held volunteer praise ceremony and the first , commend the volunteers for their excellent service.
  A series of activities were held to celebrate the inauguration of new outpatient building. An international standard piano concert¡uThe Source of Inspiration¡vwas performed.

Singapore health promoting representatives came and visit CHCH hospital’s

Health promoting program.
April 2010 Starting cervical smear screen special clinic, service from Monday ~ Saturday morning by female doctor.
  Putting up the main beam on Baokan building, providing disabled seniors a safe and comfortable living environment.
  Established the reconstruction center of Mt Ali. Nanshan village. Double Bliss Foundation take over the reconstruction job from Ministry of interior, helping the aborigines to build up the original home.
May 2010 Thailand Bangkok Christian Hospital came and visit out health promotion service.
  To celebrate International Nurse Day, CYCH Nursing Department donated 140,000 NT dollars from a charity sale to the Basi Church in Philippine as reconstruction fund.
  16 hospital from Taiwan came and visit CHCY’s electronic medical record.
June 2010 Holding “Community Health Evangelism” training lesson with America Go and Love Foundation.
  CYCH kindergarten were approved superiority three categories of¡uAdministration¡BNursing Activities¡Band Sanitation¡vevaluated by Chiayi City Government.
  Dissertations of Inpatient building 11F ward¡BPatient Safety & Quality Control Office¡BInformation Technology Center¡BPurchasing Office and Laboratory Medicine were enrolled in ¡u2010International Academic Seminar of Health Caring¡v.
July 2010 Hospital’s learning center Luke Hall Auditorium¡uInauguration ceremony and Slovakia Boys Choir¡vwas held, near a thousand people participated.
September 2010 Supervisor of Community Service Chen Chin Xing received ROC Medical Care and Devotion Award for 2010.
  CYCH was awarded gold emblem of bilingual environment by Research, Development and Evaluation Commission, Executive Yuan.
October 2010 CYCH was awarded ¡yHealth Promotion Hospital Excellence¡z, ¡yHealth Promotion Hospital Organization Reconstruct¡zand ¡yOriginality of Weight Losing¡zof ¡u3rd Health Promotion Hospital Evaluation¡v from Taiwan Health Hospital Institution.
December 2010 Dialysis department, Community Health, Neurology, Information Center, Plastic Surgery, and Diabetes Center were awarded 2010 Symbol of National Quality.
  Taipei Medical University Shuan Ho Hospital including hospital’s superintendent, vice superintendent and other medical crews came visit and communicate the administrative management.
  Tianjin Medical University ophthalmology department came visit.
January 2011 Mrs. JoyoeStranks Ditmansonwho was the wife of CYCH’s founder came back visit the retired colleagues and the hospital environment.
March 2011 Paukan park inauguration and start career, Manron Foundation donated one million NTD.

Hun Jen Catholic Girl’s High School came visit the hospital and on the lesson of patients’ life-experience.

  Anesthesia doctors from China came and visit our anesthesia department.
  CYCH’s Nursing house was evaluated superior in 2010 evaluation of nursing institution.
  CYCH’s Postpartum Caring Center was evaluated superior in 2010 evaluation of nursing institution.
May 2011 Chiayi County’s First community daycare center ¡uSingang daycare center¡vhad its unveil ceremony by Chiayi County’s mayor, Social Affair Bureau Minister, Singang Village Chief and the superintendent of CYCH on 20th .
  5/15 International Family Day. CYCH cooperate with Taiwan’s Church Institution and connected 7 cities partake in a volunteer street walk activity. With about 200 peoples of employees and their families participated to call upon the value of family.
June 2011 CYCH was approved ¡yAge-Friendly Hospital¡z by Bureau of National Health.
  Bone and Ophthalmology department were approved ¡yHuman Organs Preserve¡zBy Food and Drug Administration, Department of Health.
  In the memorial of first volunteer Mr. Nelson’s dedication. The original outpatient building change its name into ¡uNelson Memorial Hall¡v and inaugurate on 24th . Dialysis and Rehabilitation Department started their service here.
July 2011 CYCH Summer community concert with Chiayi Girl High School chorus annual concert were held in Luke auditorium on 17th.
  Chiayi South Rotary Club initiated an activity of  ¡uCaring All-In-One, Help the Slow developed child with love.¡v. Rotary Club Members and crews from the hospital used their weekend hours to parade in Wen-Hua road for these slow developed kids.
  Medical Students from Yangming, Mackay and Northern America came and visit.
  Chinese Medicine Department was awarded 2011 superiority in general hospital and Chinese medicine hospital’s Chinese medicine department evaluation.
  Sister hospital Rizal Medical Center managers and staffs came and visit.
Auqust 2011 People Hospital form Shanghai and Sichuan Nurse Group came visit.
  Holding a thanksgiving concert for concerning the bone marrow transplant patients in Luke Auditorium.
  CYCH were awarded excellence with ¡yHealth Promoting Award¡z¡B¡yFriendly Health Promoting Award¡z¡B¡yEcology Sustain Originality Award¡z¡B¡yEmployee’s Mental Health Award¡z¡B¡yVolunteer Service Originality Award¡z¡B¡ySenior Health Originality Award¡z¡B¡yHealth Fairness Award¡z.


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