Fifty years ago, Dr. Ditmanson offered a free clinic to the Chiayi community, and also brought much-needed medical care to remote villages in the rural areas of Chiayi. Today, ChiayiChristianHospital follows in his footsteps and is fully committed to caring for people¡¦s needs in the Chiayi area.

Community Health Care
Our Department of Community Health places focuses on community health care mainly by holding health fairs and promoting health information topics. We aim to bring health knowledge into the community and emphasize the importance of preventive medicine. We hold regular community health check-up and pap smear programs, promote organ donation, offer eye, breast and cancer screenings, and also hold health-related classes in the community. We hope to disseminate appropriate health knowledge and implement preventive medicine across the community as a whole.

Hospital discharge preparation workers evaluate the needs of patients who have lost the ability to care for themselves. These workers provide a proper care plan comprising home health care service, home-based rehabilitation, safety equipment rental, long-term care organization referral, and recommendations for service. In 2003, CYCH established Community Medical Service Groups combining the resources of its own clinical doctors and the Department of Public Health. Thanks to this teamwork between local clinics, hospitals and government agencies, residents in our community are able to access a complete medical care environment. The CYCH Community Medical Group has since been awarded a Quality Community Medicine prize by the Taiwan Joint Commission on Health Accreditation.

From the treatment of illness to the promotion of health management, CYCH continues to work towards providing health care and health promotion. We are focused on being a good neighbor to our community residents and support holistic healing that focuses on physical, mental, and spiritual care. We aim to be a health keeper and provide optimal treatment for each and every precious life in the community.

Community Health Promotion
CYCH¡¦s services also extend to the remote areas of Alishan. We are actively promoting safe community programs, and assisting tribes to establish tobacco and alcohol dependency support groups. CYCH has received three Tribal Health Promotion awards since 2000. The Alishan Tribal Community was certified the 93rd International Safe Community by the World Health Organization in October 2005. We also received a National Quality Symbol certificate in 2008 for our healthier lifestyle promotion activities with the Tsou tribe.

Social Services

Senior Care

As Taiwan¡¦s aging population and low birth rate trends continue, CYCH is fully aware of its future responsibilities in our community. In 1999, CYCH established a Senior Home Service Center to serve the elderly in both the Chiayi City and County areas. Seniors over age 65 living alone receive a lunch delivery service, home care, and have access to our senior day care center. Two centers in the city and nine centers in the county assist the elderly to continue to learn and enjoy life - these services extend the learning experience and inter-personal interaction of elderly citizens and enhance their life quality.

CYCH also provides a skilled care nursing home for elderly people who have lost the ability to care for themselves. For healthy seniors requiring assisted living, we launched a pilot project under the guidance of the government¡¦s Long-Term Care program, which later became Taiwan¡¦s first Senior Assisted Living program. In 2007, CYCH also inaugurated its Evergreen Garden to provide a healthy environment for senior citizens. Volunteers manage and provide services in the facility which offers seniors continuing education and effective, safe and convenient services in a safe environment. Our vision is to usher in the era of an elderly society that provides for the welfare of its senior citizens.


Service for the Disabled

In 2003, the Chiayi City government selected CYCH to manage the Renewal Garden. The Garden is based on the proverb, ¡§Give a person a fish, and feed him for a day; teach someone to fish and feed him for a lifetime,¡¨ and allows the physically and psychologically disabled to learn skills in a training factory and obtain job opportunities in stores on so-called ¡§Love Shop Streets.¡¨ CYCH received an Excellence Award from the Executive Yuan Public Works Committee for the positive results generated by its Renewal Garden.

CYCH established an early intervention and evaluation center for developmentally challenged children in 2000 through collaborative teamwork between the rehabilitation, psychiatry and pediatrics departments. In March 2002, CYCH established the first Autism Child Daycare Center in Chiayi for children under six years of age. We have also organized individual and group psychotherapy programs. Through the interaction between doctors, psychologists and children, our hope is to foster open communication with the outside world for these children. The year 2003 saw the opening of the Sunshine Development Center for developmentally challenged children and their families to receive professional assistance as those children grow. The Center now helps over 1,500 developmentally challenged children every year.


Sixth National Civic Service Award received

Since its opening in 1958, CYCH has focused on providing unparalleled medical service, sharing the Gospel, and offering our best in the treatment of every individual, community and society as a whole. We endeavor to serve the disadvantaged and provided much-needed medical care to the rural areas of Chiayi. In 2006, CYCH received the Sixth National Civic Service Award for a non-profit group, in recognition of its moral character and the public contribution from all of its community services.



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