On December 27, 2007, a groundbreaking ceremony marked the start of construction on CYCHˇ¦s East Campus, which will include a new Outpatient Department (OPD), the Bau-Jen Building, and a Training Center. Construction is expected to take 20 months to complete, and the new buildings will not only extend CYCHˇ¦s range of services, but also extend the loving arms of Jesus to all who come here.

The new outpatient service area will be completely operational by the end of 2009, and integrates department functions to provide a more patient-centered environment - for example, the Medical Imaging and Laboratory Departments will be close together in order to allow more efficient patient movement. We will also be able to provide individual rooms for blood draws and bathrooms within the laboratory itself in order to address patient privacy concerns. The new OPD building will provide more waiting areas, which can be used as the setting for health promotion campaigns so that our patients are able to obtain health information as they wait for treatment. More than 400 parking spaces will also be provided under the new buildings for the convenience of patients and visitors.

Following the removal of the OPD to the East Campus, we intend to remodel the space in the existing campus to make more use of the space for teaching and research. We plan to set up research laboratories, meeting rooms, offices, conference areas as well as nursing skill center for training and meetings. Combined with the new Training Center, we aim to create sufficient space for a high quality education and research environment.

The Bau-Jen Building will house CYCHˇ¦s Chinese Medicine, Dentistry, Breast Clinic, Respiratory Rehabilitation, Sleep Treatment Center, Sub-acute Wards, Postpartum Convalescence, Nursing Home and other facilities. CYCH is looking forward to being able to provide a suitably comfortable environment, especially for patients in pain, and establishing a further integrated healthcare network comprising acute care, sub-acute care, preventive medicine, long-term care, elderly day care, senior apartments, a nursing home, and home-based service. Because we value every life in our community, we are continuously working to enhance the quality of our medical service and to provide a holistic range of care. We want to share the blessings of the Lord and his Son Jesus Christ with everyone who walks into our hospital.


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