Chiayi Christian Hospital was inaugurated fifty years ago with a capacity of 30 beds, and has since grown to nearly 1000 beds. CYCH is presently one of the largest regional hospitals in the Yunlin-Chiayi area, with comprehensive clinical facilities and a dedicated staff devoted to ensuring an optimal patient experience. We aim to be a good neighbor as well as a leading healthcare provider to the community. Because we care about the needs of our community, we are continuously looking at ways to enhance and improve the means by which we provide holistic care. CYCH is therefore actively developing its physical facilities, through the construction of new buildings and expanding its available space in order to provide more comfortable medical facilities. At the same time, we are also working to enhance our expertise and service quality. We aim to continue to develop as an outstanding and caring medical care provider through the love which Christ has imparted to us.

Cancer Center
One of the main differentiating characteristics of our Hospital is our integrated cancer treatment capability. We value patient-centered and individualized care, and follow the latest cancer guidelines. Our Cancer Center team comprises qualified doctors, case managers, nurses, social workers and chaplains. Once cancer is diagnosed, a CYCH case manager with a nursing background will be on hand to attend to the patient, provide essential information and support, as well as follow up throughout the entire treatment process. The Cancer Center is also part of the ROCˇ¦s nationwide cancer registry and chemotherapy safety controls are strictly monitored. A recent source of encouragement has been the CYCH Cancer Centerˇ¦s accreditation with Grade A status - one of only 16 hospitals in Taiwan to be thus recognized. In the future, we plan to develop more specialists to be able to treat further kinds of cancer and to provide ever higher quality cancer treatment service.

Emergency Department
Our Emergency Department offers comprehensive care and is one of the main first aid sources in the Yunlin-Chiayi area. Our emergency room provides services for adults and children, trauma care as well as observational medicine. Approximately 260 persons use our ER services every day.

CYCHˇ¦s ER includes space for triage, a negative pressure isolation room, emergency intensive care, trauma care, pediatrics, observational medicine, ob/gyn, otolaryngology, and consultation rooms. We are also equipped to perform independent ultrasound, X-ray, CT, MRI, and cardiac angiography. The Surgery Department has also established a Trauma Team which calls together a team of dedicated physicians when high numbers of patients arrive at the ER simultaneously. This inter-departmental cooperation vastly increases patient survival rates.

Critical Medicine
CYCH plays an important role in the provision of critical medicine in the Yunlin- Chiayi area. For increased patient safety, all patients in ICUs are assigned to physicians specializing in critical medicine. We have a specialized intensive care team comprising pulmonary physicians, respiratory therapists, clinical pharmacists, dietitians, and social workers. We are also equipped with the latest in professional equipment including extra-corporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), with the aim of offering the best medical care to our patients.

Patient-Centered Approach
Depending on the illness, we form specific teams from different medical specialists to ensure that the most comprehensive medical care is offered. We bring together specialized professionals in the fields of kidney transplantation, marrow transplantation, hospices, as well as breast, cervical, lung, liver, mouth, colo-rectal and urological cancers in order to provide fully integrated medical care, and meetings are held and case studies discussed between the different affected departments so as to ensure that the core measurement indicators are adequately tracked, and treatment guidelines developed/revised accordingly.

CYCH provides pregnant women with ongoing care ranging from prenatal health education in OPD, promoting the benefits of ˇ§Mother-Baby Roomsˇ¨ in the ward, and home care health counseling upon the motherˇ¦s return home. We encourage breast feeding and the accommodation of mother and child in a single room. We will in future set up postpartum convalescence accommodation to provide even more inclusive levels of care.

e will set up postpartum convalescence nursing home for more inclusive care.

High Technology Equipment
CYCH is equipped with the latest in high-tech medical equipment including 64-slice CT scanners, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners, linear accelerators with intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), gamma cameras, PET-CT scanners, digital mammography, fan-beam bone densitometry, and neural endoscope imaging systems. We have also established a picture archiving and communication systems (PACS), making the medical imaging process more efficient. In 2005, the CYCH Medical Laboratory was accredited by the Chinese National Laboratory Accreditation agency. Our Nuclear Medicine facilities also meet all ISO 15189 standards. We value patient safety and check and improve our work procedures and quality control measures on an ongoing basis.

Patient Safety and Quality Control
We set up a Patient Safety and Quality Control Office to establish better doctor-patient relationships and improve the quality of medical care, safety, and privacy. The Patient Safety and Quality Control Office works closely with the Patient Safety Committee and the Medical Quality Committee in the planning, promotion, implementation and monitoring of projects related to patient safety. Our healthcare system has implemented team resource management, a.k.a. TRM, a training technique which we expect to lead to safer clinical working practices through the use of a teamwork approach to patient safety.

Patient Safety

CYCH is currently implementing a patient safety promotion campaign focusing on the prevention of patient falls, ensuring the completion of letters of consent for surgery, anesthetist visits prior to surgery, improving the accuracy of patient identification, and encouraging staff to report incidents. We view patient safety as the foundation stone of medical quality, and therefore emphasize patient-centered practices in order to ensure patient safety and an optimal medical environment.

Medication Safety

We have established a computerized automatic sensitivity system to hold records of medication allergies, contra-indications, and maximum dose warning controls. This system also provides network recognition using color-coding to indicate the presence of specific medicines, which is beneficial in doctor-patient communication. The OPD also offers consultation on medication, to teach patients correct practice when taking medical drugs. We are also implementing a ˇ§three-read, five-checkˇ¨ process at our pharmacy counters, as part of which the pharmacist thoroughly checks the names of both the medicine and the patient before issuing medicines. This procedure of double-checking prior to medicine delivery has also been implemented in the wards to ensure medication safety.

Infection Control

We require staff to use appropriate hand washing procedures and wear masks when on duty. Staff are also required to use universal protection equipment to reduce health care-associated infections, especially when performing invasive surgical procedures.
Following the SARS outbreak, CYCH established seven negative pressure isolation ICUs. Our Infection Control team has established contingency planning, and also trains and checks that staff wear and remove personal protective equipment in the correct manner, and are fully trained in SARS and biochemical rescue training. We hope that these practices will be of practical use in the event of any emergency outbreak to ensure the safety of all involved.
We actively promote hand hygiene practices. The Southern Medical Network honored CYCH with its highest-ranked Excellence rating for our promotion of hand hygiene in 2008. We have also been recognized by the Department of Health for our infectious disease prevention initiatives.


CYCH continues to improve the quality of its medical care. In 2007, we received a Best Quality Medical Team award from the National Health Insurance Bureau, Southern Region Branch, for three service areas: emergency care, diabetes mellitus care, and knee arthroplasty surgery. Care satisfaction surveys consistently place CYCH in the top three hospitals nationally. Furthermore, our Urology team was awarded a National Quality Symbol certificate in 2008 for their advanced work in urologic care, state-of-the-art technology, and enhancement to patient quality of life following surgery. These honors, which come both from government and patients, are a particular encouragement in CYCHˇ¦s quest for continued high-quality medical service.

Health Promotion Hospital
CYCH ensures the practical implementation of health promotion in the lives of our staff, patients and residents in the community with the aim of building a healthy environment for all. As part of its role as a health institution, our Hospital provides a supportive environment and facilities, as well as holistic care for our patients and their families. We have also set up joint clinics to serve patients with diabetes, sleep disorders, womenˇ¦s cancers or breast cancer. We also provide a range of health education and consultation services as part of our outpatient services and in the community. This community dimension includes the health diagnosis and health intervention initiatives which we have established, and we are linked as a community network to the Community Medical Services Groups. CYCH has been awarded a Health Promotion Hospital Membership Certificate from the WHO International Network of Health Promotion Hospital & Health Services for these long-term initiatives.

Medicine can be a channel to help the ill receive Godˇ¦s blessing. Medical skills can also be a channel of communication to share Godˇ¦s love with the people we meet. CYCH follows Jesusˇ¦ command to his disciples to love others as oneˇ¦s self, and aims to be a leading healthcare provider in the Yunlin-Chiayi area. We cherish every opportunity to serve people and are dedicated to the optimal treatment of each and every precious life in our community. We are also devoted to being a good neighbor in the community which we serve. We endeavor to provide ever-improving medical service and holistic medical care and enhanced medical quality to establish ourselves as an outstanding centre of medical excellence.


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