Our Medical Education Committee supervises the development of medical education and research at ChiayiChristianHospital and allocates budgets for a range of tuition, research, books and periodicals. We offer munificent research grants to our medical staff, encouraging them to take courses to update their skills with the latest knowledge and to publish research papers. The Hospital has for many years now received accreditation in various medical education fields including internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, orthopedics, ophthalmology and family medicine, covering a total of 16 specialists. Thanks to our status as a teaching hospital, we aim to persist in our endeavors to provide the latest medical education and research.

Department of Medical Education
CYCHs Department of Medical Education comprises five centers: the Center for Faculty Development, Medical Education Center, Evidence-Based Medicine Center, Clinical Skills Center, and Medical Library, which together provide a comprehensive support system for medical education. We are actively developing a range of educational resources, provide training for medical and nursing personnel, and assist them to receive the latest knowledge in their fields. We also offer internship opportunities for students majoring in medical science, nursing, pharmacy, medical technology, rehabilitation and hospital administration. We are devoted to the development of medical education and high-quality clinical education.

Our medical library contains over 9,000 medical tomes, 625 different print medical periodical titles, 3,800 different electronic medical periodical titles, more than 13,500 bound periodical volumes, and 630 different audio-visual material titles. We also provide access to databases such as PubMed, OVID@online, MD Consult, ProQuest Medical Library, UpToDate, The Cochrane Library, Clinical Evidence, JCR, Micromedex, and CEPS Chinese-language periodicals. Our library is not only accessible to our own staff, but is also open to individuals in the community.

In order to put clinical training into practice, we have established a Clinical Skills Center, assisting our various departments to set up well-designed teaching plans using a range of different methods such as periodical study groups, case studies and clinical education, both in outpatient/inpatient clinics and during rounds and surgery. In additional to the above, we also run school-to-work programs with domestic and foreign medical centers and invite well-known scholars to provide consultancy sessions or give speeches in our seminars. In order to continue to further improve the clinical knowledge and skills of our medical health care providers, we hold various regular on-the-job training sessions and encourage staff to pursue the latest knowledge. All of these efforts are focused on a single ultimate purpose - to provide high-quality medical service to our patients.

Department of Medical Research
The Department of Medical Research is in charge of academic research and development. We pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve in the Yunlin-Chiayi area in terms of establishing a laboratory for basic medical science and clinical medicine, hiring full-time research fellows to assist our staff in medical research, and in establishing cooperative relationships with neighboring schools to further the interchange of academic study and research methodology.

In order to create a high quality research environment, we have established a consulting group of experts in the fields of public health, epidemiology, and molecular medicine, who provide suggestions for research projects, and the design and revision of theses. We also have full-time research assistants who assist staff in implementing their research projects. We also hold monthly courses on biotechnology and research methodology which aim to improve staff knowledge on scientific technologies and research tools.

In order to ensure an accessible research environment, we cooperate actively in research projects with neighboring schools including National Chung Cheng University, National Chiayi University, National Cheng Kung University, China Medical University, Chung Shan Medical University and Chang Jung Christian University. Through this interchange of research techniques and shared research resources, we hope to provide our staff with greater opportunities to acquire state-of-the-art knowledge and skills.


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