Chiayi Christian Hospital started as a seed of missionary love, and has since grown into a sizeable tree. In the spirit of our founder, Dr. Marcy Ditmanson, we are committed not only to providing medical services, but also to serving the spiritual and mental needs of our patients and staff. CYCH therefore continues to advance its mission of spreading the gospel message on an annual basis. We are further expanding our services abroad by forming short-term medical mission teams or management service groups to fulfill various tasks such as free clinics, missionary work or intellectual exchanges. In this way, we hope to spread and share God¡¦s love to places where medical resources are needed.

Patient Care
Chiayi Christian Hospital shares God¡¦s love, grace, peace and blessings with its patients via psalms, testimonies, visits, intercessions, printed materials and worship opportunities. To those patients in pain, we offer prompt support in the hope of providing substantial help, emotional comfort and spiritual support to both the patients and their family.

Staff Care
Staff care is one of the main tasks of the Chaplains¡¦ Department - an uncommon, distinguishing feature in a hospital. The personnel of the Chaplains¡¦ Department not only play a part in the daily lives of hospital staff but also provide essential support and care to employees who encounter difficulties. Through activities such as morning devotions, worship services, fellowship, focus groups and choral activities, the Chaplains¡¦ Department plays an active, caring role in our employees¡¦ daily lives, families, work, spiritual mindset and religious beliefs. We hope to equip employees with strong and healthy bodies, minds, and spirits and to carry out Jesus Christ¡¦s love in their daily lives and in their place of work.

Clinical Pastoral Education Training
Our Clinical Pastoral Education (C.P.E.) program provides theological students, pastors and other C.P.E. professionals with opportunities for advanced, up-to-date study. The C.P.E. program helps students to develop their personalities and to build interpersonal skills. More importantly, we hope that our C.P.E. training, which integrates theology, medical science and psychology, will enable students to perform tasks such as clinic visits and pastoral care on a more comprehensive scale.

Foreign Workers and Foreign Spouses Care
There is an increasing number of foreign workers in Taiwan. CYCH invited missionaries to set up the Suan Siam Thai Gospel Center in 1996, and the Amazing Grace Church Filipino Gospel Center in 1997. These provide a place for those who live far away from their homes to engage in fellowship and worship. As the number of foreign spouses increases every year, we have joined forces with foreign spouse support centers in the West District of Chiayi City to run a variety of activities. Our Missionary Center also visits foreign spouses and their children, to provide them with family-like emotional support with Gospel messages and prayers and help them to adjust to their new international married lives.

Overseas Medical Mission
CYCH initiated its first overseas medical mission program to Laos in 1992. In recent years, we have organized a number of further medical mission teams to Mainland China, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar, spreading God¡¦s love to places where medical resources are needed. We dispatched teams to the disaster area following the destruction wrought by the Southern Asian tsunami in 2004. The Department of Health and Ministry of Foreign Affairs also authorized us to sign sister hospital agreements with Sorsogon Provincial Hospital in the Philippines in 2005, and with Rizal Medical Center in Metro Manila in 2007. We have since held a number of medical exchanges through these sister hospital relationships.

Social Work

The services provided by our Social Work Department are very wide-ranging - from reconciling medical subvention in the initial stages, to ensuring improved communication among family members, coordinating health care at home, ensuring smooth communication and mutual understanding between patients and health care providers, integrating social resources, supporting cancer and hospice patients, and facilitating organ donation as well as ensuring the statutory reporting of domestic violence, sexual abuse, child abuse, suicide, and other high-risk cases.

The Social Work Department has established support groups for prematurely born infants, as well as open heart surgery and kidney disease patients. We are also currently focusing our efforts on support groups for patients suffering from Type I and Type II diabetes mellitus and breast, mouth, colon and rectal cancers. We currently operate a volunteer team made up of breast cancer survivors who are voluntarily visit wards and breast cancer patients.

Good News Biblical Counseling

The Good News Biblical Counseling Center plays a professional psychotherapeutic role, providing family-focused mental health care based on Biblical wisdom. We serve patients with wounded spirits and troubled souls and in this way disseminate the Gospel to a wider public.

We currently provide outpatient marriage and family therapy services. We have been contracted by the Yunlin-Chiayi area county and city governments to provide mental health care to victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse. We also receive client referrals from outpatient departments. In terms of preventive education, we are an active organizer of events, study groups and professional seminars related to mental health issues and workshops focused on marital and parent-child relationships. We hope to further integrate these initiatives with other Hospital departments to establish a model of family-oriented health care and eventually achieve the goal of medical evangelism.


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